01. His thumb began to [swell] after he hit it with a hammer.
02. The children's bank accounts have been continually [swelling] as their grandparents make monthly deposits for their future education fund.
03. If your knee continues to [swell], try putting ice on it.
04. His cheeks were all [swollen] after he had his wisdom teeth out.
05. The little girl [swelled] with pride when she was called up to the stage to receive her prize.
06. The boat rose and fell in the violent [swells].
07. The [swelling] over your eye will go down in a day or two.
08. Sholom Aleichem once remarked that the rich [swell] up with pride, the poor from hunger.
09. It was exciting kayaking through the [swells] for a while, but when the waves got too big, we paddled to shore.
10. As stars use up their fuel, they [swell] rapidly and spend a short time as giant stars 10 to 1000 times the size of our sun.
11. Ollie's ankle [swelled] to twice its normal size when he sprained it.
12. Ice on an injury helps to reduce pain and [swelling], and promote healing.
13. Aspirin can be used to relieve pain, and reduce [swelling] of an injury.
14. Jewish immigration to Israel, begun in the late 19th century, [swelled] in the 1930s with refugees from the Nazis.
15. Most of southwestern Paraguay is swampy and wet, but there are [swells] of higher land that remain dry, and permit settlement.
16. Once plentiful lions and antelope are now scarce in Burundi because the [swelling] population of humans and cows have driven them off the plains.
17. In May, the small streams of the African nation of Burkina Faso [swell] to become chains of lakes.
18. Actor and martial arts expert Bruce Lee died in 1973 of a [swelling] of the brain, caused by an allergic reaction to a prescription drug.
19. Signs of breast cancer include a change in the shape or size of the breast, or [swelling] of the skin that covers it.

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